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CHICAGO (October 10, 2018) – Women in Listed Derivatives (WILD), an organization which promotes career advancement and professional relationship-building among women in the OTC & Listed Derivatives Industry, today announced the launch of its new website.


Through MemberLeap, WILD’s website will now be more compatible and user friendly. The new design will allow members to update their contact information, view WILD’s event calendar, participate in online forums and polls, sign up for projects and committees, and access a list of fellow WILD members and resources for the organization. The new platform will also provide easy next steps to RSVP for WILD’s upcoming events and networking opportunities.


“We’re excited to announce the new website for WILD. The board of directors listened to the feedback and the issues our members were having with the old platform, so we’re confident that we’ll see positive changes with this update,” said Leslie Sutphen, President and Co-founder of WILD.


WILD is also seeking nominations for its 2019 board of directors. If you have someone you would like to nominate, please send an email with their information to Leslie Sutphen ( by October 19. Self-nominations are encouraged, as well.


WILD began informally in 2009 and first established its board in 2012. As a non-profit, WILD promotes career advancement and professional relationship-building among women in the OTC & Listed Derivatives Industry through social and educational events and whose mission it is to highlight and learn from industry role models, encourage career development and support the advancement of women in OTC & Listed Derivatives. More information can be found at


Media Contact

Caroline Gillard

(708) 860-9954



For Immediate Release
Women in Listed Derivatives Announces the 2018 North American Board 

CHICAGO (December 18, 2017) – Women in Listed Derivatives (WILD), an organization which promotes career advancement and professional relationship-building among women in the OTC & Listed Derivatives Industry, today announced new additions to its board of directors.

The North American chapter of WILD announced that Katie Cleland, Global Head of Data, Analytics, and Client Reporting IT at Societe Generale, Elizabeth Cook, Board of Directors at CME Group, Caroline Gillard, Public Relations Specialist at OCC, Ellen Greene, Managing Director at SIFMA, and Leslie Sutphen, President of Financial Markets Consulting, LLC, will fill five open board seats. They join sitting board members: Karen Chhokar, Cathey Curley, Natalie Oblazny, Erin Preston, Diane Saucier and Adrienne White.

The 2018 Board of Directors will oversee events, membership, mentorship programs and charitable activities as well as look for new ways to promote the advancement of women in the industry. Board members serve two-year terms on a staggered basis.

WILD began informally in 2009 and first established its board in 2012. As a non-profit, WILD promotes career advancement and professional relationship-building among women in the OTC & Listed Derivatives Industry through social and educational events and whose mission it is to highlight and learn from industry role models, encourage career development and support the advancement of women in OTC & Listed Derivatives. More information can be found at



“I didn’t like the floor very much… It was the [CBOE], which wasn’t quite as rough and tumble as the futures floor, but I still felt kind of like this isn’t really a place for a nice girl like me.”

In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity event in Chicago, Leslie Sutphen, co-founder of Women in Listed Derivatives (WILD), talks about starting her career when there were very few women working in the futures and options industry. After looking around room after room during her career with the same gender disparity, Sutphen decided to create WILD. WILD’s mission is to help women in the financial industry through mentorship and networking.

Watch the video here.


Wednesday 10th May saw the inaugural WILDlings event take place at the offices of our generous sponsor for the evening, the CME Group, kicking off a new series of talks and events (the ‘WILDlings series’) directed specifically towards women in the earlier stages of their careers in the derivatives markets. This extension of WILD London’s activities is all about getting younger women involved in the group, supporting the next generation of women in financial markets, and offering content that will help them as they navigate their professional career paths.

The series launched with a keynote presentation from Julie Carruthers, Head of Operational Integration & Transformation at TPIcap, entitled:  “Making it happen – your career, your way”.

With characteristic humour, Julie shared the highs and lows of her career to date, imparting words of wisdom along the way and instilling in us the message that everyone’s career is personal and we have to make it work for us.

Her key pieces of advice to WILDlings (or ‘top tips’ as she called them) are worth repeating for those who couldn’t be there. They are smart and thought-provoking for all women, but particularly for those just starting out in work, and include:

‘The Trade’ – think of a job as a trade between yourself and your employer. If you are putting in more than you feel you are getting out, it may not be working for you.

Personal goals – your career is personal and success is measured differently for everyone. It could be measured by a job title, financial rewards, flexibility… and not everyone’s measures are the same.
Integrity – it’s important to always have integrity and be yourself. Think about the standards you expect of yourself on a professional and personal level, and stick to them.
Don’t be afraid – fear can hold you back. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, to ask for something you want, or to make a change.

We’d like to thank Julie for her excellent presentation, and the CME Group for hosting the very first WILDlings event at their London office. We’re sure everyone who attended went away with more confidence and determination to make their careers work for them.

This event was the first in the WILDlings series, which is designed to be inclusive and dynamic, and we’d like to take direction from WILD members and non-members alike as to what else we should include in future sessions.

Could you benefit from a workshop about dressing for success? Steering difficult conversations? Saying no? If you have any thoughts on what you’d like to hear next, don’t hesitate to get in touch – email us at

Please also let us know if you’d like to be added to the WILDlings mailing list, or to find out about WILD London membership and sponsorship opportunities.

Announcements | Henry Stewart Publications
OCC and Henry Stewart Publications are pleased to announce the appointment of Carole Bovard to the Editorial Board of Journal of Financial Compliance, the essential new peer-reviewed, professional journal for compliance professionals.

Carole Bovard has served as First Vice President of The Options Clearing Corporation since March 2012. Bovard also served for 9 years as Partner and General Counsel for Lind-Waldock & Company and has served as the General Counsel to several entities involved in the futures brokerage and private equity business as well as counsel to several businesses involved in healthcare and education.

Carole will play a central role in the editorial process for Journal of Financial Compliance, peer-reviewing contributions from fellow industry experts.

‘We are delighted to welcome Carole to the Editorial Board. She is a further asset to our eminent team who provide valuable expertise and ensure that the Journal’s content is relevant, practical and authoritative,’ says Simon Beckett, Publishing Editor, Journal of Financial Compliance.

“The Journal of Financial Compliance is at the intersection of research and the practice of compliance at a time when technology and regulatory challenges hold profound implications for compliance professionals. I find the Journal to be an invaluable resource for the latest trends and techniques in compliance and I am proud to serve as a member of the Editorial Board.” – Carole Bovard

OCC Executive Chairman and CEO Craig Donohue said, “OCC’s Compliance team works as a partner and advisor to our business units, and Carole’s role on this editorial board is a logical extension of that effort.”

To read the full press release, please click here.

Women in Listed Derivatives hit the ground running in 2017. Please check out our Q1 Newsletter with many WILD updates and also a letter from the President!

Article by: Jessica Darmoni – The Title Connection 

Women In Listed Derivatives (WILD) elected six new Board members and the Board elected a new Executive team for the North American chapter. I was invited to a 2017 Board dinner to meet the new Members, talk about the Board’s goals for the year and how the organization continues to evolve under new leadership.

The 2016 WILD membership voted in Karen Chhokar, Manager of Marketing & Events Communication at Societe Generale; Cathey Curley, Manager of Strategic Initiatives in Market Regulation at CME Group; Natalie Oblazney, Senior Manager, Futures & Forex Clearing at TD Ameritrade Futures & Forex LLC; New York located Member Erin Preston, Chief Compliance Officer/Associate General Counsel/Chief Administrative Officer of Dash Financial LLC; Diane Saucier, Manager of Client Relationships at Fitch Learning and Adrienne White, Commodity Risk Manager at BP for a two year term starting in 2017. Board Members, serving their second year, Carole Bovard, First Vice President – Compliance at the Options Clearing Corporation, Marisa Coleman, Head of Sales at Nadex, Stephanie Lyons, Business Development Specialist at Workspring and Leslie Sutphen, President at Financial Markets Consulting, round out the group.

The 2017 Board also elected a new Executive team including Leslie Sutphen as President, Marisa Coleman as Vice President, Carole Bovard as Secretary and Adrienne White as Treasurer.

While everyone is excited for the year ahead, the new Members are especially excited to be involved with the organization.

New Board Members

The new Board Members talked about why they decided to run for the Board and shared their thoughts on the organization.

Chhokar, who has been a member and involved with WILD since it’s inception in 2009, was appointed the WILD Marketing Chair in 2016. She has been responsible for the WILD social media strategy as well as a redesign of the website. She talked about why she ran for the 2017 Board.

“I have seen firsthand the impact WILD has had through educational seminars, networking events and thought leadership panels,” she said. “I believe in the WILD mission as well as liked the group of women that were already involved and that I would be working with.”

Oblazny got involved with WILD through its event planning initiatives and believes in its mission to promote women.

“I think WILD is a great organization that supports and empowers women,” said Oblazny. “I am excited to see how the Board runs, where I can contribute and how I can help move our initiatives forward.”

Preston played a key role in WILD NY’s Steering Committee in 2016.

“I am excited to be a WILD Board Member and look forward to engaging with my peers in the derivatives industry as well as offering my ideas, skills and support to like-minded women,” she said.

White has been a WILD member since 2014 and is eager to bring her experiences in the derivatives space as well as her passion for excellence to the WILD Board.

“I am excited about the opportunity to strategically think about WILD’s mission and help achieve diversity in the industry,” said the newly appointed Treasurer. “WILD is like a common career anchor and it’s exciting to know this group is all working towards the same goals.”

Curley got involved through the WILD Events Committee. She wanted to serve on the Board to get more people involved with the organization.

“I’d like to get more women and men involved with WILD,” said Curley. “I’d also like to assist WILD in continuing to plan quality programming that will attract broader audiences.”

Board Goals for 2017

Emphasizing the desire to plan valuable events for the WILD members, Events Chair Stephanie Lyons mentioned she was looking at initiatives that not only provided networking opportunities but professional and personal development.

“One of the ideas we are exploring is putting together an event looking at personal wealth and how women can better understand their investment options,” she said. “We will also re-visit a self defense class, which was well attended last year.”

Another initiative WILD will partake in for 2017 is getting more women involved in the derivatives industry.

“We have been talking about working with local schools and universities to get more women involved with derivatives,” said former WILD President Diane Saucier. “There are many groups that help develop emerging leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and these are areas we can tap into.”

Finally, former WILD Vice President Leslie Sutphen mentioned a goal to provide more member benefits including a password-protected section on the website.

“We recently redesigned our website and have been looking into a members-only section that would include a directory and maybe even a jobs board,” she said.

Sutphen spoke briefly on her new role as WILD President and a goal to support women outside of their careers.

“After co-founding WILD and supporting the efforts of many inspiring women, I am excited to continue the progress made by Jessica (Titlebaum Darmoni) and Diane (Saucier) by stepping up to lead WILD,” said Sutphen.  “I am also interested in finding more ways to support all women in life’s transitions including navigating mergers and reorganizations, dealing with motherhood and caring for parents, and supporting friends and family in decisions around health and mortality.”

WILD’s Evolution and Education

Besides updating the WILD website, the WILD Executive Committee has made other changes including expanding the Board from 9 to 10 members in 2016. With 9 members in Chicago, the Board will continue to include one member in New York to manage the Steering Committee out East.

“We are close to 300 members in North America,” Sutphen said. “While we have Steering Committees in New York and Chicago, we have pockets of members in Washington DC, Texas and Canada.”

Sutphen explained that WILD had also developed their one-on-one mentoring program into mentoring circles, built a more formal International Steering Committee to enhance communication with their sister branch in London, and introduced corporate membership opportunities.

“We want to thank our current corporate sponsors including BP, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the Options Clearing Corporation and Societe Generale,” she noted.

Through the help of sponsorships, WILD has been able to promote and support women in the derivatives space. Besides bringing attention to the benefits of diversity and highlighting industry role models, WILD’s former Treasurer and recently appointed Vice President Marisa Coleman talked about the education being on the Board has brought her.

“I have a sales background but have always loved numbers. WILD has given me the opportunity to safely dabble with my different interests,” she said. “As Treasurer, I learned how the banking world works and implemented processes for WILD’s monetary accounts. I was able to learn skills outside my comfort zone but in a safe environment.”

Promoting, Highlighting and Advancing Women

While WILD would not be able to achieve their goals without the help of their sponsors, the hard work of these inspiring Board Members is equally important. With new Board Members, career-building initiatives and fresh perspectives; WILD aims to enhance the listed and over-the-counter derivatives space, and 2017 is looking to be their best year yet.

Women in Listed Derivatives finished the year out strong across the globe. Please view our most recent Winter 2016 newsletter with many WILD updates!


From all of us at WILD, we wish you a Wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!


Article by Jessica Darmoni – The Title Connection

Women In Listed Derivatives (WILD), a group dedicated to helping women advance in the listed and over-the-counter derivatives space, held their 5th Annual WILD Symposium this week at the UBS Building in Chicago. Sponsored by the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC), Integritas Financial Consulting and the Burling Bank, this year’s conference focused on diversity in the Boardroom, how women can get a seat at the table and how the highest glass ceiling, the one of Oval Office, might be broken next week.

Putting Words Into Action

Craig Donohue, Executive Chairman and CEO of the OCC, made a repeat appearance, kicking off the Symposium for the second year in a row. He talked about how he is surrounded by strong women in his family and how issues impacting the female attendees are also issues he cares about.

In prepared remarks passed out to the audience, Donohue points to a 2014 Catalyst Census highlighting that only 1.4 percent of the CEOs in the S&P 500 finance and industry sector are women, compared to 5% in the overall S&P 500.   Also, only 19.8% held board seats in the financial sector versus 20.7 percent of the overall S&P index of companies.

“It is critical to advance women in the financial industry and put our words into action when it comes to the state of gender equality,” said Donohue.

With help from OCC’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Tracy Raben, Donohue put his words into action by conducting a survey on gender pay equality practices at the clearing corporation.

“While our track record is good, Tracy reminded me that there are only about 20% of women on staff and in management roles,” said Donohue. “Our challenge is getting more women in the industry and in the workforce. This is an obstacle playing out in front of an interesting backdrop as we are a week away from potentially electing the first female president. If this happens, I hope to hear glass ceilings shattering everywhere.”

To read the rest of the article, go here.

WILD welcomes all sponsorship inquiries. The WILD corporate sponsorship program provides an overview of some sponsorship levels and associated benefits. In addition to the options outlined in the program, we welcome the opportunity to create customized sponsorship packages and we greatly appreciate in-kind contributions such as the donation of professional services. Additionally, WILD is always looking for sponsoring hosts for specific WILD events.

To view our corporate sponsorship program, please click here.

I am pleased to announce that the 2017 membership drive for Women in Listed Derivatives (WILD) North America is underway! If you are interested in advancing your career, meeting like-minded women, sharing best business practices and networking with women in the derivatives industry, we encourage you to join or renew your membership by completing the  2017 Membership Application. Your membership will be valid from the date of acceptance through December 2017.

Membership in WILD benefits you and the industry. Members enjoy exclusive access to member-only events and programs including the Mentorship Program, discounted member rates for WILD events and participation in Board of Director elections. Membership also helps advance women’s role in the derivatives industry by supporting programs and events that further the WILD mission around the world, underwriting technology and operating expenses for WILD and supporting WILD’s charitable initiatives.

Non-members who apply by October 30, 2016, will be eligible to attend the remaining 2016 events including the WILD Symposium  on November 1, 2016  at the reduced member rate. To learn more about WILD, visit our website here.  We hope you will consider joining WILD or renewing your membership!


Diane Saucier

Join or renew your membership

Both women and men gave high marks to the Women in Listed Derivatives-sponsored panel on Women Who Shape Fintech, moderated by Diane Saucier, the president of WILD and client relationship manager at Fitch Learning.

Some of the takeaways were:
  1. There is still a “confidence gap” between men and women. For example, women are often hesitant to apply for a particular job unless they meet 100 percent of the qualification requirements, whereas men often take a chance even if they only meet 70 percent.
  2. Only about 7 percent of entrepreneurs getting funding are women. And there are even fewer in fintech.
  3. In the real world, you have to sell yourself. Working hard while keeping your head down isn’t enough.
  4. Get out of your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to fail. With Fintech, there is always a real risk that it won’t work (at least at first).
  5. Having an opinion means you get invited back to the table.
  6. Game changers in the fintech world include blockchain, or distributed ledger technology. “We are sitting in the middle of a distributed ledger storm.” Among those working on using the technology are the Cook County Recorder of Deeds and real estate groups who are partnering with trading tech companies. And of course DRW.
  7. If we want to help girls become interested in fintech, we have to start before middle school, and give them mentors and role models.

Article by: Sarah Rudolph – JLN

Security Traders Association of Chicago (STAC) and WILD hosted a Marketing & Finance Panel on April 28 at the Bank of America Building in Chicago. The event featured unique perspectives on subject matter including: Benchmarks, Key Performance Indicators, Social Media, Public Relations and Technology.

The panel included:

Moderator- Jessica Darmoni, Itiviti
Leslie Marshall, Morningstar
Shane Stiles, President, Gate 39 Media
Karen Chhokar, Societe Generale and Marketing Committee Chair at WILD

Following the panel discussion the audience had the opportunity to engage in Q&A followed by a networking reception. The event concluded the Dress for Success Charitable Drive that took place from April 14-28 and collected gently used clothing at offices throughout the loop.


Women in Listed Derivatives hit the ground running in Q1 across globe. Please view our most recent Spring 2016 newsletter with many WILD updates and events!


Join WILD and STAC in helping to support the Dress for Success organization in providing your lightly used professional clothing. Drop off locations are being hosted by WILD and STAC members.

The Drive will begin on April 14th and go until April 28th. Tax receipts are available!  Please notate and list your items when you give to your drop off location host an email will be sent from Dress for Success at the culmination of the drive.

Dress for Success accepts women’s office-appropriate, professional attire that is clean; ready-to-wear; new or gently used in all sizes, such as:

Contemporary suits
Dress shirts & blouses
Twin sets
Handbags & totes
Accessories: jewelry, belts, scarves
Dress shoes
Boots (seasonal)
New toiletries (must be new/ unopened): hygiene and grooming products, cosmetics
New hosiery (nylons & knee-highs, trouser socks), undergarments and control undergarments

Dress for Success’ greatest donation needs are:

Women’s plus-size clothing (size 14 and above)
Women’s business appropriate
Control undergarments in large sizes
New, unused, cosmetics

Drop Off Locations:
Please contact your location host for drop off times and information:

INTL FC Stone, 230 S LaSalle Street contact:
Ronin Capital, 350 N Orleans Street, Suite 2 contact:
BOX Exchange, 135 S LaSalle Street, Suite 4250 contact:
BP, 30 S Wacker, contact:

If you do not have any donations but would like to learn more about donating your time volunteers are needed at Dress for Success for their members, helping with resumes, mock interviews and donation sorting at their Chicago loop location. Please contact:

April 14 – 18

Multiple drop-off locations.

This event is Co Sponsored with STA Women in Finance.

Today is International Women’s Day and the 2016 International Women’s Day campaign is #PledgeForParity.  This is an opportunity to encourage and motivate colleagues to help accelerate gender parity by making a “Pledge For Parity” Please visit the IWD website to learn more and explain why gender parity is critical to achieve.

Today WILD asks that you take a call to action and become more involved in Women In Listed Derivatives. This can be done by joining a committee, donating your time and efforts to lead or coordinate mentoring, sponsoring or leading an event, marketing by educating the industry and more.

WILD committees have calls about once a month and help make WILD a strong volunteer organization. If there is an hour of time a month that you can volunteer, please join our committees.

Membership Committee Contact – Leslie Sutphen & Lisa Sterba

– Recruits members to WILD both individually and through firms
– Manages the membership list
– Works with Marketing and Events to explain benefits of Membership
– Approves membership applications
– Looking for members eager to get involved with ideas for 2016

Technology Committee Contact – Leslie Sutphen

– Evaluate and implement technology platforms for mailing lists
– Aid membership with processing and data analysis
– Help Treasurer with payment processes (wufoo, paypal, etc)
– Maintain platforms for committee and Board data sharing
– Looking for those with experience with CRM platforms and databases

Events Committee Contact – Stephanie Haas

– Produces member event supported content that meets the vision & goals of WILD
– Produces WILD events on the initiatives of networking opportunities, increasing personal development & industry knowledge for members, increasing advocacy for women in the financial industry
– Working closely with the Membership & Marketing Committees with event planning assistance
– Looking for members eager to get involved with ideas for 2016
– Upcoming Events to get involved in; Dress for Success Fundraiser April 2016, Chanel Makeover and Head-shot Event Fall 2016, WILD Symposium October 2016 and more!

Mentoring Committee Contact – Nancy Kaplan

– Objective to encourage professional advancement and career development, improve job satisfaction and personal fulfillment, set professional goals and develop respectful professional relationships
– Conversations & information shared is confidential
– Looking for members eager to get involved with our WILD Circles and help members with ideas for professional development.

Marketing Committee Contact– Karen Chhokar & Jennifer O’Rourke

– Sets the vision & manages the overall marketing strategy for WILD
– Provides guidance & event support on these initiatives: Maintaining the integrity & increasing the usage of the WILD brand, Developing the website, Provide content ideas for the website & newsletter, Leading role in developing WILD social media presence including Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram
– Provide marketing support for WILD and works closely with Events & Membership Committees
– Looking for members who are eager to get involved with ideas for 2016

Join or renew your membership

The 2016 membership drive for WILD North America is underway. To join or renew, please complete the 2016 WILD Membership Application. Memberships will be valid from the date of acceptance through December 31, 2016. 

Membership in WILD benefits you AND the industry. By becoming a member, you help WILD advance women’s role in the derivatives industry, sponsor programs and events that further the WILD mission around the world, underwrite technology and operating expenses for WILD and support WILD’s charitable initiatives.

CHICAGO – January 31, 2016 Women in Listed Derivatives (WILD), an organization which promotes career advancement and professional relationship-building among women in the OTC & Listed Derivatives Industry through social and educational events and whose mission it is to highlight and learn from industry role models, encourage career development and support the advancement of women in OTC & Listed Derivatives; announced today new additions to it’s board of directors and its 2016 executive committee.

The North American chapter of WILD announced Carole Bovard, Marisa Coleman, Stephanie Haas & Leslie Sutphen to fill four open board seats. They join sitting board members Corey Bazley, Nancy Kaplan, Jennifer O’Rourke, Diane Saucier & Lisa Sterba.

Full Bios The 2016 Board of Directors will oversee events, membership, mentorship programs and charitable activities as well as look for new ways to promote the advancement of women in the industry.

Additionally, the following directors were elected by the board to serve on the WILD Executive Committee:

Diane Saucier, President
Leslie Sutphen, Vice President
Jennifer M. O’Rourke, Secretary
Marisa Coleman, Treasurer

WILD began informally in 2009 and first established its board in 2012. Board members serve two-year terms on a staggered basis.

Any women currently participating in the derivatives industry are encouraged to apply for membership at

From all of us at WILD, we wish you a Wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year!


Through the first quarter of 2015, women in our industry have gathered together around the globe to share experiences, celebrate our successes and learn from each other. We held several events covering a broad range of issues from career advice for those working in the technical field of trading operations to light-hearted evenings with make-up and stylist tips. But whether it was former CFTC Commissioner Jill Sommers discussing the need for greater diversity on corporate boards or a personal branding expert pushing us to think about what we stand for and ask whether it’s what we are portraying to the world – the goal was the same: to advance the careers of women in derivatives and leverage our relationships to make each other stronger. [read more]

In the third event in our 2015 Personal Brand Management Series, members and guests learned how to harness online tools to present a polished and professional online brand. Social media expert and ex-wealth manager, Graham Aikin, shared techniques for improving Linkedin profiles to increase visibility and better showcase skills.

For WILD members wishing to learn more about managing online brands please visit presenter Graham Aikin’s website, HNW Social Media Solutions.

WILD London would like to thank CME Group for hosting and sponsoring this popular event.

If you want to attend future London events please join our mailing list by emailing us at: