Candidate Forum 2020


Sandra Valtierra

Sandra Valtierra
CME Group
Functional Area within the Industry:
Regulatory/ Market Surveillance
Number of Years in the Industry:
Why do you want to serve on the WILD Board?
After volunteering and attending a few events, I found this organization and its members to be very engaging.  I feel the WILD organization has much potential in becoming fruitful in its missions.  I also feel that WILD’s missions and objectives align with my passion in giving back and helping the upcoming generation with their success in this industry. 
Involvement with WILD?
I’ve attended and volunteered a few events, most notably, Trivia Night.
What do you think are the benefits of being a WILD member?
I feel there are several benefits, specifically, learning from one another, meeting other smart women that share the same goals, and developing many other skills, such as leadership, communication, and organization.
What would you change about WILD?
I wouldn’t change anything about WILD but I don’t feel there is so much more we can expand on. 
Relevant Experience?
I have been President of my homeowners association for over 10 years and have successfully led the association out of its financial difficulties.  I also have experience organizing events, managing, and problem solving. 


Laura Taffet
Name: Laura Taffet
Company:Taffet Consulting
Location: Charlotte, NC
Functional Area within the Industry: 
Capital Markets Technology, Strategy
Number of Years in the Industry: 
Why do you want to serve on the WILD Board? I want to serve on the WILD Board because I believe strongly in helping women further the progress of other women.  The Capital Markets industry is changing rapidly and I look forward to providing a thoughtful voice with my vision and  strength to effect change.  I believe that my unique experience can be a valuable contribution to WILD, and I look forward to hearing the impactful voices of other women as well.   
Involvement with WILD? I have been a member of WILD since 2012, and in August of 2018 I, along with 4 other women, founded the North Carolina chapter of WILD.   I have been actively involved in growing the chapter as well as assisting the WILD global board in administrative and technology initiatives surrounding the integration of the new chapter. 
What do you think are the benefits of being a WILD member?There are so many benefits to being a WILD member, for me, first and foremost is that it is an amazing community of like-minded women where you are offered a place to communicate, connect and share experiences.  With WILD you have immediate access to a quality network and mentorship from seasoned, supportive and successful women.   For me, belonging to this network of amazing women has helped to build my confidence and has lead to challenges and opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.  Hearing the stories and lessons of women who have navigated and overcome challenges is both encouraging and inspiring and builds on the legacy of creating role models for generations to come.
What would you change about WILD? If I am elected to the WILD Board, I will work to advocate for encouraging the younger and more widely diverse demographic in the Capital Markets industry to become involved in the organization.  Changes in this industry over the past 10 years have offered a widely diverse new set of companies and skills that have entered the Capital Markets industry, including smaller tech firms, enterprise solutions, strategy, consulting, education, HR and marketing.   I think it is important for the WILD to recognize these changes and adapt to the diversity of women in these careers,  and grow beyond just focusing on FCMs, exchanges and large vendors.  #WILDnextgeneration
Relevant Experience? Since the creation of the NC chapter I have been attending board meetings and have gained a very solid understanding of how the organization works, and as I said I have been spearheading the effort of starting and growing the NC chapter.  I also serve on the Advisory Board of Arcus Partners, which is a startup tech firm that provided digital data solutions to the financial industry.

Penelope (Penny) Copleston
Name:Penelope (Penny) Copleston
Company:FIS Global – Post Trade Services (Derivatives Utility)
Location:New York City (previously London, Singapore and Sydney)
Functional Area within the Industry:Director - Program Manager, Change Delivery
Number of Years in the Industry:22 years
Why do you want to serve on the WILD Board?To make a difference for women and to contribute to our industry.
I think I have a unique perspective to offer having worked in our industry for 20+ years in all three regions.
I am passionate about women and gender equality specifically related to equal representation (and pay) at all levels of business.
Involvement with WILD?My involvement with WILD has been as a corporate member through FIS Global in 2019. I attended at least 1 event in London prior to moving to the US in April 2019.
What do you think are the benefits of being a WILD member?Connections within our industry both locally and globally
Relevant content can be shared with our audience
Empowering women through sharing and connecting
Voice for I&D within our industry
What would you change about WILD?Expand network to more locations – Paris, Poland, India, Raleigh
Jobs board?
Relevant Experience?I am one of the founding co-Chairs of the Womens Network in Post Trade Services at FIS. My interests lie with advocacy through unconscious bias conversations and male allies in particular. I’ve been instrumental in building the network and encouraging participation in the Womens Network at FIS using my relationships in each of our locations with both men and women.

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